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The joys of managing and caring

It’s all in the heart. A special place with a history that has left its mark: don’t miss the chance to experience peace & quiet and greatness; discover uniqueness; let yourself be spoilt by kindness and comfort.

Large deep spaces entice you to stop and let yourself go. You can admire your surroundings and let go of your feelings. It’s the start of a special holiday in exclusive suites, surrounded by ancient walls and a kindness that will warm your heart. Included in the service: a personal guide that will help you make the most of your holiday. Unique Suites & Joy.

Creators of ideas & advisors:
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Thoughtful, well organised, kind, always full of joy. She is a bit of a perfectionist, but currently doing all she can to ease up a bit. She loves her job. She finds it wonderful that the Niedermairhof B&B sort of gives her the opportunity to experience the entire world. She loves to learn about other ways of life, different holiday habits, and relate with other people. The right idea always at the right time. She likes to test new places, so that she can be best prepared when giving you recommendations for your excursions.
 She will be at the reception, or may be helping you choose your breakfast made with her own hands. And in the afternoon you can find her here and there: in the apartment, the gardens, the field, playing with her children, out shopping, or somewhere in the woods, enjoying the grand surroundings.

HelmuthAttention to detail


Cheerful, active and one of a kind… He spends a lot of time sorting out numbers, but in his heart he is a free spirit. He loves reading, writing and playing the trumpet, but due to his creative and joyful personality, perfection is not one of his virtues. But as far as the Niedermairhof B&B, where he lives and which he runs with his beloved one, it’s all in the heart.
 You will already have exchanged e-mails with him. You can often find him enjoying a coffee, or by the lake looking at the dragonflies, freshwater prawns and trout, sometimes forgetting the time that goes by.

It’s time to be with the family

Matters of the heart. Beside the Niedermairhof B&B there is also our family. Our reception may not always be open, although we are always available. Sometimes we also close in high season: we like to spend time together as a family, because children grow much faster than we think.

Family time


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